Beer Sips

A flavor comparison and a guide to hosting your own home beer tasting.

A flavor comparison and a guide to hosting your own home beer tasting.
Fun Fact: India Pale Ales are called such because extra hops and alcohol were added to the mix to keep the beer from going bad on the long trip from India.

Step 1. Ensure you have all the supplies you need:
Cups - glasses work best, but plastic is okay too.
Tasting cards/mats - for beer indication, and for people to take home.
Writing utensils - for people to take notes on their tastes
Water and snacks - to clear palates between tastes. Usually plain water, and bread.
Don't forget the beer!

Step 2. Decide on the type of beer tasting you would like to have:
Typically, beer is tasted in two different ways:
Horizontal - beers of all different styles and regions
Vertical - beers from one region, one brewer or one style (usually one style).

Step 3. Pick the number and type of beer for tasting, and the order you’ll try them:
Generally 8 - 10 beers, at about 4 ounces each. It’s enough to taste each beer, but not so much to get people heavily inebriated.

Step 4. Guide the tasting:
Arrange the beer in a good order for tasting - typically light to dark.
Introduce each beer, explain where it’s from, its style and add any interesting or historical trivia.
Help your guests describe what they are tasting, and encourage people to discuss.
Keep the tasting moving - about 3 - 5 minutes per sample.

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