A Perfect Pair.

Just like wine and food, Kim and Brandon bring out the best in each other.

Some combinations are a no-brainer: peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, or cheese and crackers. A classic tabletop pair is wine with dinner. Some insist that a good pair is simply any wine that you’d enjoy on its own, however, even the most limited experience will reveal that some wines go better with specific foods.

In The Kitchen

The science of it is simple, wines with more pronounced tannins taste more astringent and bitter so they pair best with foods higher in lipids and protein. The butteriness of a steak goes extraordinarily well with a bold red wine like a shiraz. The opposite is also true, a leaner protein like halibut would do well with a sweeter white wine like chardonnay. The opposition of the food and the wine improve upon each other, just as it does with Kim and Brandon.

"If I've got him on board I know I'm on the right track"

When you first meet this pair it’s easy to identify outgoing and animated Executive Chef Brandon Thordarson from the more understated and steady Beverage Director Kim Spence. They complement each other well by staying focused on their area of expertise while always knowing what the other is up to. Brandon gives Kim a jumping off place for new or feature wines, while Kim often inspires Brandon with a new bottle he’s recently discovered. 



Discover what to pair with dinner tonight in this handy chart: http://winefolly.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/wine-and-food-pairing-chart.png

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