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Respecting the Cocktail

Shaking, stirring plus one method you’ve never heard of.

The 80s were a tough time for fashion, food, and even movies. Tom Cruise made a living slinging drinks in Cocktail, but the truth of the matter is that he probably ruined many of the drinks he made (#buzzkill, we know!). So when should you shake, when should you stir, and is there more than those two methods?

Shaking a drink is not only dramatic but ensures all the ingredients are mixed properly into a consistent cocktail, enjoyed from start to finish. It helps to add the right amount of dilution from the ice, and adds texture from the integrated air. Someone actually took the time to figure out the optimal time to shake a cocktail, which is 13 seconds.

• Ability to combine things that may want to separate, like fruits and spirits
• Maximum dilution
• Maximum chilling
• Create texture

• Modern Cocktails
• Strong Flavors
• Fresh Herbs

Any alcohol forward drink. Stirring keeps from over-dilution and allows delicate natured spirits to shine. A proper stir should take about 30 seconds before the drink is strained into a glass.

• Less dilution
• Encourages binding of ingredients

• Traditional Cocktails
• Strong Flavors

Some drinks need no more than pouring and one quick stir to get them going. When they’re served with ice, the dilution of the drink will happen as the ice melts in the glass. These drinks still need to be mixed to avoid large gulps of individual ingredients, but it must be done carefully to avoid breaking the carbonation.

• Proper integration
• Carbonation retention

• Sodas
• Champagne



Quick Cocktail Wisdom:
• If you want a juice or cream based, frothy, cold, diluted drink, go for the shaker.
• If you’re interested in a strong, sipping, spirit-forward drink, reach for your stir spoon.
• If you want something fizzy, build it over ice.
• Don’t shake carbonated liquids; we all know what happens

Shaking a martini dilutes it and leaves shards of ice in the glass. In summary: James Bond is a cocktail barbarian.
The End - Moxie's Blog