The rise of your favourite cocktail

The rise of your favorite cocktail

The Old Fashioned is truly a treat for the senses—the crackle of ice, the fresh aroma of orange, and the stylish look of a heavy-bottomed glass. The first record of the cocktail was in 1848, and it simply referred to the old fashioned way of creating a cocktail: using quality and high proof liquors and ensuring the bevvy is not too sweet, well-iced, and dry with sufficient alcoholic flavour.

stirred, not shaken

Moxie's Beverage Director, Kim Spence, says that the key in highlighting the whisky is to use a large block of ice and stirring instead of shaking the ingredients, which limits dilution. The addition of sugar helps the whisky to really shine, while a few drops of Angostura bitters balances the flavours. We've add a few dashes of orange bitters to ensure that our version has a beautiful citrus taste throughout.

Man in Suit

Mad Again

In the early 30s, the Old Fashioned took on a fruity edge, as bartenders muddled everything from cherries to pineapple for a sweeter result. Today, we’ve nixed the cherry, and focus on showcasing the whisky instead, as preference has shifted from sugary drinks to complex and full-bodied classics (thank you, Don Draper).


Good Old Fashioned Twist

We encourage you to play with this classic cocktail! Simple substitutions, like using chocolate bitters or a cherry flavoured whisky, can have surprisingly delicious results. If you don’t feel like stirring we invite you to Moxie’s to enjoy ours over dinner.

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